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About Us

Our practice is limited to family law matters- from collaborative law and mediation to litigation in domestic relations, probate, trusts and estates. Laura has 17 years experience in all aspects of legal representation.  Our staff and resources are geared toward providing you the quality services you expect and deserve under difficult circumstances. We pride ourselves in being clear and straightforward with our clients and in the courtroom. Our strong focus on excellent communication with our clients and the court is always a priority and is the foundation to an effective attorney-client relationship. We behave and ask our clients to behave with civility and good manners toward all parties in the process. We strictly follow all Rules of Professional Conduct and ethical requirements.


Our philosophy at Weight Law Offices is client-focused. We believe in guiding you through your situation by helping you make educated and informed decisions knowing all possible options and potential outcomes. Each client’s situation is unique and we enjoy the variety of people and circumstances that we are called upon to help. We have represented and counseled thousands of clients in a large variety of cases. What is most important to our practice is that we educate and inform our clients about their rights, responsibilities and options. We strive to give you control over those aspects of your situation that require your considered and thoughtful decisions.

At Weight Law Offices, we are compassionate about your situation, who ever you may be and whatever circumstances you may be dealing with. We understand that legal problems can be very difficult on our clients and their families, and because of this we are dedicated to achieving outstanding results in all our cases